A Scottish Film Talent Network New Talent Film 
World Premiere - Edinburgh International Film Festival - 27/06/2018

Believing that the melting of polar ice-caps is about to unleash an impending doomsday flood, Nicholas, attempts suicide in a Scottish Loch, only to experience a miraculous salvation from below. Enlightened by the event, he begins to believe that he has been chosen for salvation. Desiring the same for his niece, Seren, he teaches her his doctrine. When Seren's faith begins to waver, Nicholas is confronted with the alarming possibility of his niece’s rebellion and leads her to the secluded Loch where he received his enlightenment, to confirm her faith and make her a chosen one.
Tim Barrow
Jocelyn Brassington
Erin Watson 

Written by: Joséfa Celestin & Max Barth
Director: Joséfa Celestin
Producer: Margarita Veberaite
Co-Producer: Anaïs Bertrand
Executive Producers: Paul Welsh, Carolynne Sinclair, Holly Daniel, Ross McKenzie 
DoP: Alan Mclaughlin
Editor: Joséfa Celestin
Music: Owen Dewlin
Sound Recordist: Kyle Allan
Post-Production Sound Design: William Aikman
Colourist: Stephen Horne
Production Designer: Gail Bowman
1st Assistant Director: Keir O'Donnell
Gaffer & Stills: Rob O'Donnell

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